Parents Information

We're Here For You. Children enjoy music naturally, and as parents, we can support them by clearing the obstacles that sometimes get in their way. We're all parents here at North Conway Music Center, and we understand the frustrations of trying to understand what is needed, how to balance cost, value and function, and helping our kids achieve their potential.
What We Can Do is provide you with accurate, complete information; offer reasonable recommendations; help you figure out which questions to ask; and be available to answer all your questions - no matter what level of question it is. We can offer the inside scoop on everything from instrument purchasing basics, to which University offers the best musical environment for your child.
We offer instruments at all prices ranges, including good used instruments and can help you decide what you need with good, current information and references. All supplies are in stock including strings, reeds, mouthpieces and all the other things a student might need on a day-to-day basis. We stock the method books used by teachers in this area, and almost always have the upcoming school years books in by August.
Feel At Home - that's how we want to make you feel when you call on us. Come by for a visit at 1976 White Mountain Highway or call us at (603) 356-3562.